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Looking forward to saying: "I Do"?

Then we could be there to capture that moment. I always suggest to meet in person as getting to know your photographer is an important part of your choosing process.

All my wedding services are for the full duration of your wedding day.

I would love to sit down with you and show you the different options available to you. You will find a wide variety of albums and products, ranging from the traditional styles to the more modern digital albums.

So please take a moment and fill out the form on the Contact section and I will get back to you shortly.

What a better way to get comfortable in front of the lens, than to do a nice and relaxed shoot.

I'll be sure to warm you up and make you work really hard afterwards... :-) Just kidding.

A casual shoot is a great way to get those nerves out of the way and let your true personality shine.

I will sniff out your true nature... and just when you think I'm not looking... CLICK... I'll get it.

A casual before the wedding also offers numerous advantages:

1 - You get to test out an area for your wedding day.

2 - You get to use the pictures from the session to display during your wedding day (as a slide-show or even as a laminate for your guests to sign) or simply cherish these moments you shared right before saying "I Do".

3 - You could use these photos for your wedding favors and as part of your decor. There's nothing more fun than to have your guests enjoy the fun & romantic sides of you.

Ready to have some fun in front of the lens? Then take a moment to fill out the form found in the Contact section and I will get back to you shortly!

Ok, now take a deep breath... and exhale...

It's not as bad as it sounds... I won't tear the dress apart nor will I set it on fire. Promise! :-)

So now, are you ready to make the memory of a lifetime? A Trash the Dress shoot will render photos that you would never have imagined having. The moments captured will be Passionate, Romatic and Playful.

Take a look at the Trash The Dress galleries and once you are at peace with getting your dress wet & dirty, then fill out the form on the Contact section and I will start getting the towels ready.

Are you having your son or daughter baptised?

Then let us be a part of it and help you capture every tender moment of this very special day.

We could be there during the preparations in the morning, the church or after at the reception. There are packages for all options.

So before you put the little booties on, take a quick moment to fill out the Contact form and I will start packing the baby powder.

Are you expecting a baby? Or perhaps want to capture your child in that adorable age that he/she is at now?

Then perhaps a studio photo session would be the best way to capture that moment.

The studio setting is perfect for any style of photos that you would like to have:

1 - Single & Couple Portraits

2 - Family Portraits

3 - Maternity / Newborn / Babies

4 - You can even bring your pet!

So before you start selecting your wardrobe, take a quick peak and fill out the form found in the Contact section and I will get back to you shortly.

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